Why Us?

Full Maintenance Plan

If you’ve ever suffered the inconvenience of i.e your car breaking down, computer crashing or your TV going on the blink, you’ll know that it’s not always easy to sort out. Not only do you have to find someone reliable to fix it, the cost of the repair can come as a bit of a shock.

This service provides 12 months of All parts listed, labour and call out charges, so that if your hot tub goes wrong, we’ll fix it no questions asked, unlike most warranties if the fault is due to customer error you maybe left with paying the bill, but with our Full Maintenance Plan you are covered even if your at fault giving you complete peace of mind knowing you are covered by us.

What does the full Maintenance plan offer ?

  • Unlimited repairs

  • Pump and seal leaks

  • Burned out / Faulty motor or circuit boards

  • Heater elements

  • Blowers

  • Thermostat issues

  • Faulty Touch pads

  • Under water Lighting

  • We only cover the main components of any hot tub with these plans.


What's included in our 26-point Spa Service Plan?    

1. Water analysis
Test the current sanitizer and pH levels in the spa water.

2. Water treatment recommendations
Based on water analysis and condition of water recommend changes to care routine or products required to keep hot tub in good condition. 

3. Visual plumbing check
Check plumbing including pipe/heater unions and isolation valve connections for integrity and identify if any leaks are present.

4. Test jet functions
Check all jets for satisfactory operation. Ensure they all turn on and off, and free up any stuck ones if possible.

5. Test topside diverter and air values (if fitted)
Open all diverter and air values to ensure working correctly.

6. Test ozone output (if fitted)
Check ozone system and ozone jet are operating correctly, and advise if ozone unit needs changing.

7. Visual check of pump and heater seals
Remove pump and heater unions and check seals.

8. Test all electrical components
Test operation of all electrical equipment, and visually check all the interconnecting wiring for integrity and insulation.

9. Visually check circuit board
Conduct visual check of circuit board and that it is operating correctly.

10. Test RCD & isolator (if fitted)
Perform a button test of the RCD if available and accessible. Test power input and output to isolator if available and accessible.

11. Complete bio film pipe clean
Flush out the whole system with the industry leading pipe cleaner. This is a very strong biodegradable formula that gets deep into your hot tub system and helps remove dirt and scale build up.

12. Drain, rinse and wet vacuum spa and jets
Drain water from the hot tub with a submersible pump. Rinse to clean, and wet vacuum remaining water and debris from spa and jets.

13. Clean and buff spa shell
Wipe clean spa shell with spa surface cleaner. Clean off scale and residue where possible.

14. Headrest condition report (if fitted)
Thorough inspection of any headrests or pillows. Condition rating will be indicated on service report along with any recommendations and comments.

15. Clean headrests (if fitted)
Remove headrests or pillows (where possible), rinse and clean with spa surface cleaner.

16. Filter condition report
Thorough inspection of filter(s) and assessment of effectiveness. Filters are vital to the running of your hot tub and may need replacing if in poor condition. Condition rating will be indicated on service report along with any recommendations and comments.

17. Clean and refit filter(s)
Spray with filter cleaner and then clean between pleats using Super Blaster hose pipe attachment.

18. Clean outside of spa cabinet
Wipe down and clean exterior spa cabinet.

19. Vacuum inside of cabinet (where access allows)
Remove panels, clean and vacuum service compartment and any other accessible areas.

20. Clean cover lifter (if fitted)
Wipe and clean cover lifter.

21. Cover lifter condition report (if fitted)
Inspection of lifter mechanism to ensure safe and smooth operation. Condition rating will be indicated on service report along with any recommendations and comments.

22. Clean cover and treat with UV protection
Clean cover and apply 303 protector for UV protection, and to help repel dust, soiling and staining.

23. Cover condition report
Inspect cover for fit, integrity, tears, water absorption and insulation properties. Also inspect cover clips (if fitted) and that cover can be securely clipped down. A poor fitting or damaged cover can affect the insulation of your hot tub. Condition rating will be indicated on service report along with any recommendations and comments.

24. Refill hot tub to correct level
Refill with clean water to the required operating level 

25. Add sanitiser
Add sanitiser to achieve a level of 2-4ppm (mg/l) Chlorine or 3-5ppm (mg/l) Bromine.

26. pH level balance
Add pH+ or pH- to begin the correction of the pH level to attain a level of 7.2 to 7.4