Amazing Swim Spa Series DL


  • Seating

    6 persons

  • Demensions

  • 5880*2250*1600

  • Volume


  • Weight(full)

    9700 KG

  • Hydrotherapy Jets



ControlMySpa™ is a fully integrated service that connects you to your hot tub from any smart phone or tablet. Control the lights, temperature, set-up schedules and more. Receive instant push notifcation alerts when a potential problem occurs, so you and your dealer know about it, even while you're away.


Optional Added Function
Building your own spa with fun and technology. Live the way you want.

Technology determines to make life better and easier, while life is beautiful and fun. Why can't we have both? Here you go! The most advanced technology in the industry, the combination of fun and science. We display these to people to show them the beauty of spa, the beauty of a life style they can choose.




This lighting technology overturns the concept of spa entertainment. It breaks boring and humdrum, the design of three light zone gives people possibility to pick their own representative colors to show themselves.

Moreover, the water temperature detecting technology is going to make colors to warn you the status of spa water, saving your time from checking temperature. It is about having both fun and particality!


Status Pro™


Isn't it so cool that you don't have to come over to check your spa if it can show itself!
Now, this technology can do! Placing your Status Pro™ side on where you wanna see, so stop you feet!


Smart swim™

Do you feel boring while you swimming? Do you wanna have your own personal swimming trainer? Well, now, you can have them all with this little tiny software system.

Smart swim™ is a system that offers you enough room to set up your own personal trainning habits and approach. By having that installed, the swim spa will automatically speed up while doing swim training depending on the previous sat habits.


MED™ illumination


Human beings are born with love for lighting. The light flames the dark for us, the beauty of brightness is something we always chasing for.

This illumination technology is built with smooth comfort and bright dazzle. The whole backyard is going to be glamorous because of it!


“Less chemicals, Green planet”


The WP™ Health Care System

  • Ozone Filtration

  • PET Filter Filtration

  • UV Sanitizing Filtration


Water Purification System




Smart spa system


High density foam spa cover


Ultimate Insulation


Energy-effective heating


Guarantee a life style, your life style


We stand behind every spa we make, focus on quality, make out value. Spa is a life style, the life style you and your family need. We guarantee you the best performance spa with the best service.


  • Structural warranty 5 Years

  • Acrylic surface warranty 2 Years

  • Jet warranty 2 Years

  • Plumbing warranty 2 years

  • Pump and device warranty 2 Years

  • Spa control & heater warranty 2 Years


Lucite® Acrylic


The surface of acrylic is the first thing you see of a spa, the smoothness and texture of it determined the quality of the spa. Furthermore, quality of acrylic affects the whole design of spa, details are from the small things.

We use the U.S.A made acrylic by Lucite® the beginner who makes the first acrylic.


Long-last steel frame


Extra-tough bonded shell construction


Hrdro-spinning jets


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Swim Spa Series DL