The TP600 is part of Balboa's BP Wifi ready range & comes complete with a 4 black plastic pins connector. It is designed to work with BP Series of hot tub control systems. The sleek panels have LCD displays that have moving function indicator icons, maintenance reminders, and service alerts on the easy-to-read screen.



178mm x 86mm.

Button Configuration

See photo gallery for button configurations:

6 buttons - Jets 1, Aux, Flip, Warm, Light and Cool.

If your front face is not one of these options you may need to purchase Balboa TP600 Overlay, 6 Button 2 Pump No Air seperately.


Ideal For

Balboa Wifi Ready BP Series - Balboa BP2100 Control Box & Balboa BP601 Control Box

Wellis Part Number: ACM0542 (check the front face sticker is the same if not this will have to be ordered separately)


Additional Info

  • LCD Displays
  • Large, easy-to-read displays
  • Reliable communication interface
  • Maintenance reminders & alerts
  • Water-resistant connectors

Balboa TP600 Topside Control


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