This next generation Balboa BP2100 spa control pack comes WiFi ready and connects to the Balboa Worldwide app using the Balboa Wifi Receiver Module.


The Balboa Worldwide App is an app for your smart device (Android and iPhone) that allows you to access your hot tub via a direct connection anywhere in the local proximity of your tub, anywhere in your house that you can connect to your local WiFi network, or anywhere in the world you have an internet connection to your smart device via 3G, 4G, or WiFi hot spots.


With the BWA app, you can ensure that your hot tub will be ready whenever you want to take a dip.

Instead of going outside and pressing buttons on the topside panel, the app lets you start the tub and change settings from your smartphone or tablet.



  • Pump 1: Either a Dual speed pump or a Single speed pump and separate circulation pump.
  • Pump 2: Either a Single or Dual speed pump
  • Pump 3: Either a Dual speed pump or a Single speed pump, if a blower is being used below
  • Air Blower: Single speed blower (if pump 3 above is single speed)
  • Heater: x 1 (3kW, plug)
  • Ozone: x 1
  • Light: x1, 10v @ 1amp Max
  • Radio/TV/AV: Point available
  • Volts: 230vac
  • Hz: 50
  • These packs have a number of possible set ups. They are shipped in Set Up 1 mode so you may need to amend the dip switches on the PCB and the set up program within the topside controller according to your specific set up. Please refer to the tech sheet in the above associated documents. Some set ups may require an additional purchase of the BP2X-wire kit. This is available above.


To be used with

Balboa TP Series Topside panels such as TP400, TP500, TP600, TP800 and TP900.



Height: 300mm
Length: 330mm (not including heater)
Depth: 120mm


Additional Info

You will also need the Balboa Wifi Receiver Module in order for this product to work via Wifi.


Wiring orientation from top to bottom is Earth / neutral / empty / live
Or for 2 speed pump top to bottom is Earth / neutral / low speed / high speed
Or for 1 speed pump top to bottom is Earth / neutral / empty / high speed

Balboa BP2100 Control Box


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